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Wedding Cupcakes

Make the happiest day of your life even happier with a beautiful cupcake wedding cake.

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Check out some of the cutest cupcakes west of the Mississippi.

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We Put the Icing on the Cupcake

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When was the last time you saw a sad person eating a cupcake? Probably never. There is just something about eating cupcakes that makes people happy. It might be the taste of the freshly baked cake or the fun, flavored icing perfectly swirled on top. We think it's the magical memories from your childhood and the warm, fuzzy feelings you get when you think about eating one, but that's just us. Wherever the magic comes from, we can all agree that cupcakes are awesome!

Cupcake Mountain Cupcakery LLC is a family-owned cupcake shop in Bozeman, MT. Each day, we bake and handcraft hundreds of cupcakes for the Bozeman community to enjoy. Whether you need a sweet treat for yourself or enough cupcakes for all your wedding guests, we are the professional cupcake bakers for the job.

Our cupcake flavors

You're going to love the menu at our bakery in Bozeman, MT. Our menu features 15 flavors of cupcakes. When ordering your cupcakes, you can choose from the following flavors:

Chocolate Toffee Chunk

Strawberry Bliss


Red Velvet

Rainbow Splatter

Peanut Butter Cup

Gimme Chocolate

The Classic

Black and White

Peanut Butter & Banana

Key Lime Pie

Carrot Cake

If you're struggling to pick a flavor, don't worry. You can just order one of each flavor and try them all.

Ready to place your order? Call us at 406-577-2787 today to place your cupcake order in Bozeman, MT.

Join our family

Our family loves cupcakes. That's why we work so hard each day making the best cupcakes in Bozeman, MT. Each cupcake we bake is made with tender love and care. We are not just selling cupcakes. We are serving cupcakes from our family to yours.

Don't settle for average cupcakes. Stop by our cupcake shop in Bozeman, MT today and join our family for fun, unique and flavorful cupcakes. Your stomach will be happy you did.